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Dallas Photography Mentor: Leading Lines

Alright, I thought it was time for another photography tip of the day:)

This week is “Leading Lines”.  (A few days ago, I told you about, and gave some examples of, Rule of Thirds)

Over at Shoot Along, this was a hard concept for some to grasp. Many people were searching for literal lines within the photo, as opposed to not as obvious lines – LEADING you to the subject.

This can be done easily against a wall, at a table, a door frame, even. Most of the time you’ll see that the foreground of your photo is blurred as you lead up to the main focus/your subject.


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This sort of composition really requires you to move around. You need to get on the floor, get down close to the edge of things. You need to look for surfaces that can really add dimension to your image. Some of the time, leading lines can give the effect that you are “peeking” – which is a great addition to storytelling and lifestyle photography.

I hope this helps! and as always, if you need your own dallas photography mentor, I am here for you!

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